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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Show all text value for CRM form header attribute

In CRM you can display attributes into form Header, but sometime attribute contains large text, and that text is not properly shown on form header. Part of the text is shaded, and user is not able to see complete value until user mouse hover on that field. 

To show complete text or attribute value you need to change form header formatting.
Default CRM header formatting is three columns.

In my form header I have two attributes and one has large text, so changed formatting for that large text attribute from one column to two columns.

To change formatting for attribute, select attribute and click on change properties button shown on form ribbon.

In Field property window, click on Formatting tab, and select two columns formatting.

Once changed formatting for attribute, rearrange the header attributes.
Save and publish your form and customization. 
Now header is showing complete text / value of attribute

Note: Once you change formatting of header, attributes are become read-only. It is look like a bug in CRM application.
If you want you can vote for this bug on 
So that Microsoft will try to resolve this issue in future release.