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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Create Entity and bulk Attribute with Data Import in MS CRM

In MS CRM when wants to create entity with more attributes, easy option is data Import tool.
In CRM you can create entity and attributes with Data Import tool.
To create entity with Data Import tool

1. Create Excel file with all required attributes in it.

Keep First Column as Attribute Name and enter values with respective data type. 

If there are any pick list columns and want to create all values also, and then need to add those many row in excel—each row one pick list value.

2.  Save this Excel file as CSV file.

3. Now Open CRM Data Import wizard and upload csv file created.

4. Click Next, if CSV file with comma (,) as Field delimiter and Quotation mark (“) as Data delimiter, then no need to change delimiter settings, Otherwise settings change as per CSV.
In Delimiter settings check First row contains Columns Headings option.

5. In Next screen select Default (Automatic Mapping) and click next

6. Here to create new entity need to select “Create New” Option in Action, Enter Record Type Name, plural Name and Primary Field

 Once all information entered new Entity Name will be shown in Microsoft Dynamics CRM record Type.

      7. Click next, now you need to Create a map attributes.

 8. For Each Source Field, select Action – Create New Field option
     9. Enter Attribute name, if it is different from CSV file, and select Appropriate Data type.

Option Set:

Look up:

Two options:

10.  Once data type and attribute entered this field is shown as mapped.

11. Repeat same process for all other attributes.

12. Once all attributes are mapped, Click Next and start importing.

13. CRM will create New Entity and Attributes and then starts importing data.

When mapping any lookup values, you have to map with unique column in parent entity, otherwise that record will not be imported and error will be thrown. 

Once Data Imported.. you will have Entity with attributes and Data also..