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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

CRM View custom Column width

For CRM view we can specify column width as

but sometime this width is not exactly matching with customer requirement.. Sometime we need one column width more than 300px.. but in the UI showing maximum 300 px width.

In this case we can easily increase / decrease column width.. but we need to follow some simple steps as follows

1. Export entity customization solution.
2. Open customization.xml file text/ xml / visual studio.
3.  Look for SavedQueries tag in xml for your entity.
4.  Insided SavedQueries you will see saved query for each view like Active, Inactive, Quick find, Advanced find etc. I am using Inactive view saved Query.

5. Column width is specified in layoutxml tag.
6. We need to modify only below section

7.  Change width of column as per requirement.

8. Save customization.xml file
9. Import your solution file to CRM.
10. Publish your customization.. and now you will see the view columns with different width.